2019 Celebrate Youth Award Winners
2021 Celebrate Youth Application (complete all forms)

                                   2021 Celebrate Youth!

Bauer's 10th annual Celebrate Youth!
Celebrate Youth! is an opportunity each year to nominate young people in our community who have shown outstanding character and perseverance despite adversity.

Local businesses present five awards to youth honoring citizenship, bouncing back, sportsmanship, self-expression, and a commitment to learning. The winner in each category is awarded $1,000.

An overall “Youth of the Year” will also be selected and will be awarded $2,000.

The Charles Mikels' Citizenship through Service Award, presented by the Fraternal Order of Eagles, recognizes a young person who has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to serving their community. By providing service to others, this individual is an example of how young people are valuable resources in our community. Through leadership and volunteerism, this young person demonstrates positive values such as social justice, equality, responsibility, integrity, and a caring attitude.

The Bouncing Back Award, sponsored by Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA), awards a young person who has been resilient in the face of difficult obstacles. Through perseverance and grit, this young person has coped with life’s challenges and achieved success in one or more areas. This individual expresses a positive sense of identity and is a role model to others facing challenges.

The Sportsmanship Award honors a young person who has demonstrated excellent sportsmanship in the context of their athletic activities. In both practice and competition, this individual is an example of integrity, responsibility and high expectations. Through relationships with coaches, teammates and competitors, this young person shows how positive character can be developed and exhibited through athletic pursuits.

The Creative Self-Expression Award, presented by Freckles, recognizes a young person who has demonstrated exceptional commitment and creativity in an artistic endeavor or other method of self-expression. This young person’s creative activities contribute to their positive sense of self, purpose and perspective on their future.

The Commitment to Learning Award, presented by Arni's Pizza, is awarded to a young person who has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to their learning in one or more subjects. By serving as a mentor or by directly teaching others, this young person encourages their peers to develop a commitment to learning.

The "Youth of the Year", presented by Freckles, recipient is a young person who exemplifies great achievement in one or more of the award categories. This youth is a positive role model to their peers and the community. They are responsible, caring, and a successful young adult with integrity and character.

Nominations and applications must be received by Friday, April 2, 2021.
All applicants will be notified of the winners the week of April 26th, 2021.

Please email completed forms to:  mpryor@bauerfamilyresources.org

or mail them to:    Bauer Family Resources
                                Attn: Melinda Pryor, Celebrate Youth!
                                P.O. Box 1186
                                Lafayette, IN 47902-1186

or drop off at:        Bauer Community Center
                                Attn: Melinda Pryor, Celebrate Youth!
                                330 Fountain St.
                                Lafayette, IN 47902