Save the date! April 10, 2018

Celebrate Youth! Event

Celebrate Youth! is an annual event that highlights the achievements of young people who have overcome obstacles in their lives and serves as Bauer’s major fundraising effort for the year. Funds raised from this event are used to provide programs and services that support youth in developing the skills and accessing the resources that support them on their path to a “brighter tomorrow.”

Celebrate Youth! is held annually during Child Abuse Prevention Month (April). Youth are honored in five specific categories and receive a cash award of $1,000. A Youth of the Year winner is selected as well and they receive a $2,000 cash award. These awards and the event is made possible by generous donors. Faithful donors to the event are Ferrellgas, Henriott Group, SIA, and our award sponsors, listed below. 

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Awards include

Youth of the Year
2017 Winner: Zoona Ahmad

Charles Mikels’ Citizenship Through Service
2017 Winner: Yi Fei Heng
This is an award for a young person who has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to serving his/her community. By providing service to others (individuals, organizations, charities, causes, etc.), this individual is an example of how young people are valuable resources in the community. Through her/his volunteerism and leadership this young person demonstrates positive values such as caring, integrity, responsibility and equality and social justice. This award is sponsored by the Lafayette Fraternal Order of Eagles in memory of Charles Mikels.

Creative Self Expression
2017 Winner: Izsys Archer
This award is for a young person who has demonstrated exceptional commitment in an artistic endeavor or other method of self-expression. This might take the form of the fine arts (such as painting, drawing, sculpture), performing arts (such as dance, theater, music), creative writing, film-making, web design or any other creative undertaking. This young person’s creative activities contribute to his/her positive sense of self, purpose, and perspective on the future. This award has been sponsored by 1st Source Bank

Sportsmanship Award
2017 Winner: Tyson Scheumann
The young person who receives this award had demonstrated high ideals of sportsmanship in the context of his/her athletic activities. In both practice and competition this individual is an example of integrity, responsibility and high expectations. Through relationships with coaches, teammates and competitors this young person demonstrates how positive character can be developed and exhibited through athletic pursuits. This award has been sponsored by Franciscan St. Elizabeth Health since 2012.

Commitment to Learning Award
2017 Winner: Angela Shi
A student with a Commitment to Learning isn’t necessarily a 4.0 GPA Honor Roll Student. Rather, this young person demonstrates a desire and willingness to pursue educate despite barriers or other difficult circumstances. This can be evident by the young person’s active engagement in courses, projects and other educational pursuits to attain success. This young person might also help foster a love for learning in others. This award has been sponsored by Arni’s since 2012.

Bouncing Back Award
2017 Winner: Hattie Wade
This award is for a young person who has demonstrated resilience in the face of difficult obstacles. This individual has experienced one or more substantial obstacles which were a source of stress or risk in his/her life. Using a variety of skills (planning and decision making, interpersonal skills, resistance skills, conflict resolution, etc.), this young person has “bounced back” by comping with life’s challenges. This award has been sponsored by Salud! Healthcare Solutions since 2014.

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