Eric Burns

Eric Burns

Board Member

Employer:  Withered Burns, LLP

Mr. Burns was attracted to Bauer because of its well-earned reputation of really helping children in our community.
Serving on the Board of Directors allows him to learn about the ever changing challenges facing families as they do their best to improve their lives.
In his law practice, he does quite a few adoptions. Some of these adoptions are necessitated because of a family in crisis .
Bauer provides families with tools and guidance to avoid such a situation.  Bauer means so much to so many and he is proud to see the great job it does for families and children.

Eric and his wife, Marti, were graced with four children, Alex, Stewart, Sarah, and Christian, who passed away at the age of 17.  They are expecting their first grandchild in August. Eric enjoys family time, woodworking, boating and axe throwing.

Term:  2017 - Present