Chris Cobbins

Chris Cobbins


Employer: Cox & Company

Chris has over 15 years of experience as a CPA serving clients that range from multinational billion dollar revenue companies down to small farmers and sole proprietors. He has always enjoyed this line of work due to the variety of clientele and unique situations that each bring.  After relocating from Kansas City almost eight years ago, he was looking for a way to get involved and acclimated with his new community.  He has always had a passion for children and especially those who are dealt a tough hand.  This drove him to become involved with Bauer and being privy to the stories of the kids and families engaged with Bauer has only made him even more passionate about the organization, the community and the children and families that reside in the community.

In Chris's free time, which seems to be less and less these days, he enjoys working out, playing basketball, watching his two sons play baseball and spending time with his wife, Alisha.

Term: 2014 - Present