Teen Court

Teen Court is a diversion program designed for juvenile offenders to teach them about the justice system and the consequences of their actions before they become part of the traditional justice system. Teen Court is a sentencing hearing for 12-17 year olds who have already admitted guilt in the offense they committed. Youth volunteers serve as defense and prosecuting attorneys and local attorneys serve as the adult judge overseeing the hearing. Court hearings are held twice a month at the Tippecanoe County Courthouse. Youth and adult volunteer opportunities are also available with Teen Court.

Bauer Family Resources Teen Court program is a part of the Indiana Teen Court Association.

Referrals are received from Juvenile Probation and Lafayette Jeff High School. Self-referrals will be accepted as appropriate.

For more information about how to volunteer or to refer a youth contact the Juvenile Justice Specialist at (765) 742-5046 or email youthvolunteers@bauerfamilyresources.org