School Court

Sunnyside School Court is a collaboration between Bauer Family Resources, Sunnyside Intermediate School, and Oakland High School. The program is designed to serve as an immediate sanction for youths' school behavior while providing asset-building activities. The program’s goal is to divert students from more punitive sanctions including in-school and out-of-school suspension, and expulsion.

The program integrates components of the 40 Developmental Assets in order to strengthen youth’s relationship with the school (Asset #24) by setting clear and consistent school boundaries (Asset #12), providing youth an opportunity to take responsibility for their behavior (Asset #30), as well an opportunity to give back to their community (Asset #9) and develop resistance skills (Asset #35). The program further empowers Oakland High School students to serve as resources in their community (Asset #8), promotes a positive relationship with their school (Asset #24) and positive self-identity (Asset #38).