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Youth Services | Bauer Family ResourcesBauer Family Resources was founded in 1929 by probation officer Grace Bauer to provide prevention and interventions for at risk youth in the community. As the agency has continued to respond to local needs we have grown into a multi-service agency focused on strengthening children and families. Bauer has been Tippecanoe County’s Accredited Youth Service Bureau since 1975.

As an Accredited Youth Services Bureau, Bauer’s 4 Core Roles of our youth programs are:

  • Advocacy: To support, represent and protect the wellbeing of children and youth.
  • Delinquency Prevention: To prevent delinquency and divert young people from the juvenile justice system.
  • Community Education: To inform and educate citizens about services available and spur youth to action.
  • Information and Referral: To share information and maintain a referral system among all service agencies for youth
Bauer Family Resources offers programs and services at the Bauer Community Center designed to keep youth from entering the juvenile justice system, promotes positive youth development, and academic success. These services work to engage not only youth, but their families and the community to give youth the best chance possible to develop into healthy, productive adults. All programs at Bauer Community Center are based on the important belief that interpersonal connections are the basis for healthy human services. Therefore, all programs and services are developed integrating the 40 Developmental Assets and Developmental Relationships , an evidence based framework, as the basic building blocks for healthy youth development.

Bauer Family Resources is a partnering agency with the Indiana Youth Institute in planning and hosting quarterly Youth Worker Cafés in Tippecanoe County. Café’s are local gatherings of youth workers, community members and parents. They provide opportunities for networking, sharing of information, learning about topics relevant to working with youth, and advocating for issues related to youth.

For youth volunteer opportunities, call us at (765)-742-5046 or email

Bauer Community Center is now a Safe Place site. Safe Place provides access to immediate help and supportive resources for youth in need. As a community initiative, the program designates schools, fire stations, libraries, and other youth-friendly organizations as Safe Place locations, which display the yellow and black sign. Safe Place locations extend the doors of the local youth service agency or shelter to support teens in crisis situations, creating a safety net for youth.

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