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Book Cycle's mission is "making it possible for young children to own books." Fourteen sites have been chosen which serve low income families. These sites include Head Start, Early Head Start Right Steps Development Centers programs, and YMCA preschool. Each child care site has its own collection of 100-200 books. Fiction and nonfiction books in English and Spanish are available to "trade". Book Cycle gives out 1,600 books each year. On average, 500 children participate per month. Book Cycle is proud that overall trades and new distributions surpass 9,000 per year!

How Book Cycle Works

Volunteers purchase age appropriate books and take them to the child care and preschool centers where they are organized and made available to the children.
  • Two books may be chosen by the students when they enter the child care program. Each child may take their book(s) home to keep as long as they wish.
  • When the children want a different book, they bring an "old" book back to school on their Book Cycle day and trade it for another book of their choice. The book exchange typically occurs once a week.
  • Staff or volunteers at the sites read the book to the child and talk with the child about the book, asking questions such as, "Why did that happen?" of "What will happen next?" or "What does that picture tell us?"
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Book Cycle is run by volunteers who are passionate about early literacy in children and these volunteers dedicate their time to ensuring that children from low-income families have access to a wide variety of books that meet their interests.

Current volunteer opportunities include:
  • Assisting at sites on Book Cycle days (typically Wednesdays and Thursdays)
  • Help sort and organize book inventory
  • Deliver books to sites
  • Assist with fundraising
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact

Help Book Cycle Promote Early Literacy

Book Cycle is funded completely through donations. To make a donation, use the Donate button above and include Book Cycle in the "Purpose" field. Or, mail a check to Bauer Family Resources at: P.O Box 1186, Lafayette, IN 47902 and write Book Cycle in the memo line.

Bauer Family Resources is proud to partner with Book Cycle and to provide accounting support to the program. Apply to Early Care & Education | Bauer Family Resources

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