Family Preservation and Home-Based Services

Child-centered, family-focused prevention and intervention services are provided to families in Carroll, Clinton, White, and Tippecanoe counties. Services are designed to overcome the risk factors associated with child abuse and neglect and to educate and strengthen families. Services are provided through the lens of child safety with an emphasis on the family strengths and protective factors that can be leveraged to ensure children are safe. Services are focused on the family as a whole and emphasize partnering with families to meet their individual needs. 

Case Management

Home-Based Family Specialists provide tailored services to each family to prevent family disruption or to achieve reunification with children where abuse, neglect, or juvenile delinquency has occurred. Services include assistance with employment, education, finances, housing, interpersonal and medical needs.

Supervised Visitation

Home-Based Family Specialists provide one-on-one coaching, modeling, and encouragement to parents during their supervised visits. The goal of supervision is to decrease the frequency of supervised visits as parents and children demonstrate an improved level of parental supervision, positive family communication, and interaction. For families without approved in-home visitation, Bauer utilizes the Family Support Center. This space is a fully functioning home to facilitate visitation in a nurturing and safe environment.


Masters level and licensed therapists provide structured, goal-oriented, time-limited therapy in the natural environment of families who need assistance recovering from physical, sexual, emotional abuse, and neglect. Other issues, including substance abuse, mental illness, personality/behavior disorder, developmental disability, dysfunctional family of origin, and current family dysfunction, may be addressed in the course of treating the abuse/neglect.


HOMEBUILDERS® is a therapeutic program that uses best practice strategies for families whose children are at imminent risk of placement or have children who cannot be reunified without intensive services. HOMEBUILDERS® is an evidence-based model that focuses on time-limited, intensive, and home-based services designed to stabilize and strengthen families.

Visit the national HOMEBUILDERS® page here.

Living in Balance

The Living In Balance program is an evidence-based, modeled group that uses material developed by Hazeldon. Bauer’s goal is to provide our clients with the education and support necessary to help them build a strong lifelong recovery plan. Participants are expected to complete regular homework assignments, abstain from all mood altering substances (including alcohol and prescribed narcotics such as opiates and benzodiazepines), and provide documentation of regular self-help program attendance.

Referrals are through the Department of Child Services only