2022 Celebrate Youth Application (complete all forms)

                Bauer's 10th Annual Celebrate Youth!

The 2021 'Youth of the Year' Winner!

The 2021 'Youth of the Year' has "looked fear in the face, year after year, day after day, but she never runs or hides, she always finds a way to get back up. To be honest, she is unbreakable, she is a warrior. Freckles Graphics, Inc. is pleased to reward $2,000 and the 2021 'Youth of the Year' award to Natalie Andrade, a senior at McCutcheon High School! Natalie has faced numerous tragedies and griefs in her young life, but she has risen time and time again. Long nights spent studying, trying to always do the right thing and helping others are how her friends describe her. "She is a great asset to her family, her school and especially her community," said Nancy Magallanes, a family friend.

Natalie, we are so proud to declare you the '2021 Youth of the Year!' You deserve it!

2021 Charles Mikels' Citizenship Through Service Award Winner

Brad Cohen, owner of Arni's Pizza presented the Charles Mikels' Citizenship Through Service Award with a $1,000 cash prize to Maddie Thoennes, a junior at Lafayette Jefferson High School. Feeling darkness in the changing world, Maddie chose to jump in to serve others by creating a canned food drive club. She said, "Nothing will ever improve if we can't unite the community; selfishness holds no room for improvement." All canned donations are given to Lafayette Transitional Housing Center. Maddie learned that helping others improved her mental health, and she enjoyed taking study breaks to help others.

Congratulations Maddie on being awarded the Charles Mikels' Citizenship through Service Award! We look forward to hearing about your continued success!

2021 Creative Self-Expression Award Winner

"Art is the currently the most valuable thing I give to my community. I use my design, music, and writing skills to help various causes that I care about." Charlotte Yeung stated in her application for the Creative Self-Expression award. This senior at West Lafayette High School is already a published author, currently illustrating her second book, the website and logo designer for Building Financial Freedom, and has co- authored a bill with Rep. Vanessa Summers addressing mental health /illness treatment in schools. 

Congratulations Charlotte for receiving the Creative Self-Expression award! We look forward to hearing about your continued success!

2021 Sportsmanship Award Winner

The Sportsmanship Award and $1,000 was provided by Freckles Graphics Inc., and they were proud to reward Kennedy Peckinpaugh, a junior at McCutcheon High School. Dreams of playing collegiate soccer came to a halt during the COVID-19 pandemic for Kennedy. Colleges unable to come watch her play, and Kennedy unable to visit colleges have left her future uncertain, but she replied, "I had a decision to make very early on in this pandemic. I could either feel sorry for myself and complain, or I could use this time to better myself." She chose to better herself by investing in others - her teammates and inclusive teams at McCutcheon! 

Congratulations Kennedy for receiving the Sportsmanship Award! We look forward to hearing about your continued success!

2021 Commitment to Learning Award Winner

Ranger Kuang, senior at West Lafayette High School, is the recipient of the Commitment to Learning Award and $1,000 provided by Arni's Pizza! Calculus, physics, math, chemistry, and statistics are all subjects Ranger is well-versed in. He has a thirst for learning, and he appreciates that the subjects he is studying in High School apply to real life scenarios. He said, "In the future, I'm not sure what problems and challenges I'll face, however, I do know that I'll have an array of strategies to solve them, and as I continue to learn, my arsenal only grows larger."

Congratulations Ranger for receiving the Commitment to Learning Award! We look forward to hearing about your continued success!

2021 Bouncing Back Award Winner

Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. awarded Ivy Anthony with $1,000 and the Bouncing Back Award. A junior at McCutcheon High School who sadly lost her father to a heart attack. The unexpected tragedy required Ivy to move from South Carolina to Indiana where she had to start over making new friends and starting a new school. While mourning the loss of her father, her grades started to drop but not for long. Ivy worked hard and she now has a 3.72 GPA. She intends to become a nurse practitioner because she wants to be able to help others who might face what she has faced.

Congratulations Ivy on receiving the Bouncing Back Award! We look forward to hearing about your continued success!