Head Start Policy Council

Head Start was created as a two-generational program. We not only serve children, we also seek to serve and strengthen their families. We invite all of our families to be engaged in our program, and one opportunity for engagement is a leadership role in the program by participation in the Policy Council.  

Policy Council is the governing body of Bauer Head Start and is comprised of current parents and/or guardians of children who are enrolled in Head Start and community representatives. 

The primary function of the Policy Council is to represent all families in making major decisions for the program. This group works together to represent each school's needs and interests and to implement and ensure compliant operation of Bauer Head Start’s programs and services with the Office of Head Start.
Details from the Office of Head Start about the expectations of Policy Council and its importance can be found at Head Start Policy Council.

Email kryan@bauerfamilyresources.org for more information and to inquire about becoming a member.
2022 - 2023 Policy Council