Head Start Policy Council

Policy Council is the governing body of Bauer Head Start and is comprised of parents or guardians of children who are currently enrolled in Head Start as well as community representatives. The primary function of Policy Council is to govern and act as the parents' voice in making major decisions for Head Start. This group works together to make decisions about the overall design and operation of Bauer Head Start’s programs and services.
Important functions of Policy Council include reviewing, participating in or voting on:
  • Changes or Additions to Head Start Policies
  • Financial Reports
  • Decisions Regarding Hiring and Terminating Early Head Start or Head Start Employees
  • Much More!
Email jkolouch@bauerfamilyresources.org for more information and to inquire about becoming a member.

Head Start Policy Council Members

  • Laura Chavez, Chair, Head Start Parent
  • Joe Reuzenaar, Vice Chair, Head Start Parent
  • Emily Glatt, Early Head Start Parent
  • Kathy Reuzenaar, Head Start Parent
  • Ashley Watkins, Head Start Parent
  • Angel Elliott, Greater Lafayette Area Special Services (GLASS)
  • Barbara Norrick-Bunnell, Purdue Extension