About Us

As a private, non-profit organization Bauer is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the agency and ensuring dollars entrusted to Bauer are used to meet its mission. The Head Start Policy Council also is part of the organization's governance structure. It is responsible for working in collaboration with the Board of Directors to ensure operations in our Head Start and Early Head Start programs meet the needs of the community and are provided in compliance with Federal regulations.
Bauer Organization
Day to day operations of the organization is entrusted to a Leadership Team that provides guidance and oversight to more than 150 employees who serve more than 7,000 children and families annually. Staff are provided with continuing education and regular supervision to support them in providing high-quality, evidence-based practices to the children and families we have the privilege to work with.

Pillars of Excellence

Bauer uses the Five Pillars of Excellence to guide the work of the organization.
  • People: Focuses on equipping employees with the tools they need to be successful
  • Service: Children and families are satisfied with the services they receive
  • Quality: Services provided are life-changing for children and families
  • Finance: Finances allow for strong compensation packages and increased services to clients
  • Growth: Effectively reach more children and families
Bauer Family Resources receives a variety of federal, state, and local funds to carry out our work, as well as the support of many private donors who give their time, talent, and treasure.

This foundation provides us with the ability to serve more than 7,000 children and families in a 7 county area in west-central Indiana. 95% of these families are living at or below the federal poverty level. Our staff responds to the individual needs of each of those we work with.