Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Bauer Family Resources is a dedicated group of volunteers entrusted with thegovernance of the organization. The Board is vested with the legal authority to exercise power and authority over the organization on behalf of the community we serve. The Board is responsible for determining Bauer’s mission and purpose and setting the strategic direction for the organization and then providing oversight to the organization’s progress. The Board of Directors is where the proverbial “buck” stops for the organization.

Governance for the Head Start Program also includes the Policy Council. This group, comprised of Head Start parents and community members, has specific oversight of these programs. This document describes how Joint Governance is achieved at Bauer.

jim b

James Bien, MD

Board Chair
Employer: IU Arnett Health
Term: 2014-2017


kurt w

Captain Kurt Wolf

Board Secretary
HR/Compensation Commettee Chair
Employer: Lafayette Police Department
Term: 2013-2016


bonnie h

Bonnie Hobbs

Board Development Committee Chair
Employer: 1st Source Bank
Term: 2013-2016


tim b

Tim Bobillo

Board Vice Chair
Fundraising Committee Chair
Employer: Purdue Center for Cancer Research
Term: 2014-2017



Julie Cole

HR/Compensation Committee
Employer: Subaru of Indiana Automotive
Term: 2015-2016


emily g

Emily Glatt

Board Development Committee
Head Start Parent & Nursing Student
Term: 2015-2016


chris c

Chris Cobbins

Investment/Finance Committee
Employer: Cox & Company
Term: 2014-2015


jesse f

Jesse Ford

Board Treasurer
Investment/Finance Committee Chair
Employer: Salud Revenue Solutions
Term: 2014-2017



Joshua Cook

HR/Compensation Committee
Employer: Teder & Schrier, LLC
Term: 2015-2016


amanda b

Amanda Barche Lindberg

Fundraising Committee
Employer: Ivy Tech
Term: 2014-2015